The Partnership was born in 1989 when three city managers from Alhambra, Monrovia and West Covina recognized the difficulty of attracting new businesses to their cities and explaining to prospective businesses where their cities were located.  Business owners seemed unfamiliar with the term “San Gabriel Valley” when they attempted to describe the location. They knew that a region that had a strong image would help them promote their cities individually.

The three city managers brought together a group of business leaders. The business community saw the value of promoting the region and agreed to help fund a study to analyze the image of the San Gabriel Valley, its assets, and how a diverse region could come together in a joint effort to promote economic growth and vitality.

The study found that, although San Gabriel Valley was not readily recognized as a region, the area had significant assets including strong infrastructure, an efficient transportation network and professional city staff who wanted to work with businesses. They determined that it would take a joint effort from SGV cities and businesses working together through a non-profit corporation to leverage the power of the region. Their primary goal was to bring the SGV together and to speak as a unified voice on issues important to the entire region.

In 1990, the various cities in the San Gabriel Valley along with private sector business leaders created a non-profit to develop and implement marketing and other programs to maintain and expand the economic base of the communities of the San Gabriel Valley.

In 1991, the organization was incorporated as the San Gabriel Valley Commerce and Cities Consortium.

In 1998, the name of the organization was changed to the San Gabriel Valley Economic Partnership to reflect the growing and broad membership base that included business, local government, colleges and universities and non-profit organizations.

Today the San Gabriel Valley Economic Partnership has become a well-recognized regional, not-for-profit corporation supported and directed by its members and committed to the continued economic success of the San Gabriel Valley.



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